Thursday, April 9, 2015

Top 5 Easter Candies

Easter Sunday has come and gone. Yet, the candy is still hanging around...begging to be eaten, so it can wreak havoc on my attempts at weight loss.

Look at those Dove bunnies, begging to have their heads eaten off. Just the rabbits are about 7,360 calories. And, that's not even counting all the milk you'd have to drink to balance out the chocolate.

Yesterday, I popped about five Dove eggs. They were "walk-by" instances -- as in, I'm just walking by, "Oh, look a delicious piece of candy. Better eat one."

Without further ado, here are the top 5 Easter candies. (I probably should have published this last week, but now all this stuff is on sale. You can thank me later.)

You won't see any Peeps or Cadbury eggs on this list. I don't care for people passing off fancy marshmallows as candy. And the Cadbury egg is a little ball of nasty.

5. Butterfinger Nest Eggs: My mom used to always buy these for us. A lot of folks would go for the Hershey's eggs. My mom would go with Butterfinger Nest Eggs. They were better. The Butterfinger concrete was my favorite ice cream until I found the Heath Bar concrete.

4. Snicker eggs: I love a good Snickers bar, but the egg is a real treat. I think it's the thinness of it. It makes the ratio of chocolate to filling higher.

3. Robin Eggs: I actually just realized these are mini Whoppers. Whatever they are, they're freaking delicious. I remember pouring them into my mouth from the little carton when I was a kid.

2. Reese's Egg: Here's another candy where the shape makes all the difference. Reese's Cups are good. But, Reese's Eggs are heavenly. For me, it's the absence of the rough, crinkly edges, which are replaced by the smooth lines of the egg. I enjoy smashing it on the roof of my mouth. Nom nom nom.

1. Dove milk chocolate bunny: Ah, this is the supreme Easter candy. A lot of cheaper chocolate bunnies are full of air. Not the Dove. It's pure chocolate goodness. My favorite is eating the head. There's something so satisfying about biting off those ears and then eating it down to the neck. By the way, if you eat the entire thing, that's 920 calories. Probably explains why we have eight of these beauties just sitting around, waiting for a diet cheat day.

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